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Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s simple coordinate
Memories of My First Soirée Jumper Skirt I
Vintage blouse from my mother’s when she was in Shanghai as a teen

So yesterday, I baked so many red velvet rose cupcakes for all my Japanese sensei at our Kaiwa table(Japanese conversation table) I’m going to miss them. They’ll be going back to Japan. Hopefully we’ll meet again someday.

It was such a hectic day because after baking for 4 hours and fetching ingredients endlessly. And right after I went to watch the

MADOKA MAGICA 3rd movie with my four senpai.~ I gotta say it was pretty amazing. Aesthetically appeasing and we had the front row seats right next to the screen! didn’t ruin it at all.

I made red velvet cheescake with chocolate strawberries for friends and teachers
My roommate and I

it’s my birthday today

and I usually don’t do much for my birthday but my brother and a friend made it all BETTER.

I have a senpai that baked me a cheesecake and MY BROTHER WHO was mad at me for the past week that CALLED ME AT 2 AM TO TELL ME HE BOUGHT ME A CAKE


Also thank you for the birthday wishes guys I saw em all :)

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I need to add more points in my low confidence and low self esteem.

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